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About Us Solutions For Complex Problems - This is what we do in a nutshell.

We’ve been offering our Christmas Store and Food Cooperative to the Midtown community for over 3 years with one caveat. The families must have skin in the game equal to the benefits they receive. There is an idea that if we rethink or revamp our decades old systems that has been proven not to work that people will starve and there will be children dying in the streets from hunger, lack of clothing and poverty. That is a false assumption and leads to a dependency on the destructive soup kitchens and entitlement programing and creates dependent relationships from the giver and those given to.  Give once appreciation, twice anticipation, three expectation, four becomes entitlement and five times dependency.

We are a place of peace and rest offering hope and dignity. There are no demeaning handouts. All of our community members that are part of our roster have skin in the game. Whether it be a part of our "Pay what you want," program at the coffee shop or part of our Community Food Cooperative. Our friend Bob Lupton writes, "It’s not unloving to expect people to do their part. Just the opposite. It is cruel to send the message that a person has nothing of worth to offer.” This is why we do what we do. We offer Hope to the hopeless. Dignity to the indigent. We are a community to those without a home. The Midtown Spirit lives inside all of us and we're dedicated to those without a voice.

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August 27, 2015
Walk There With

Nearly two years ago, a man named Mike walked into our cafe at Midtown Commons. He wore a t-shirt and tattered jeans in the middle of November. His

March 10, 2015
Midtown Street Fair Returns

The Midtown Street Fair and Hope Music Festival 8:00AM: The Midtown Color Dash 5K: At Cardinal Ritter Park 1218 E. Oak Street New Albany, IN 47150.

March 10, 2015
Skin in the Game

Our example from Midtown of having skin in the Game! At times we take some heat about what we do in Midtown, so I always like to post our ministry

March 10, 2015
Tuesday Mornings

On Tuesday mornings, a few of us gather at the Midtown Commons coffee shop and share life and issues in the neighborhood as many do in barber shops

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Text @socks and a dollar amount to 52014 to donate today.