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The Midtown Spirit Cultural Center and Life Lab is a $400,000 investment to the Midtown New Albany Neighborhood and the S Ellen Jones Elementary Students and Faculty. It will be a cultural center dedicated to all students and educators that includes classrooms, a life lab learning center and exhibition hall, meeting rooms and office. The Midtown Spirit Cultural Center and Life Lab will instill community stewardship of local green space and raise ecological sustainable awareness through education, outreach, and training plus collaborative demonstration projects.

Midtown Spirit Cultural Center and Life Learning Lab

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What We Do

Our cities - the anvil of civilization, the center of power, the metaphor for society itself--have been with us for thousands of years. Here converge piety and trade, security and politics. Yet just two hundred years ago only 3 percent of the world's population lived in cities. Today half does. Despite this tremendous explosion of urban growth, the work of the church has generally lagged behind. The city presents serious challenges that cry out for answers: poverty, racism, human exploitation, extortion of the weak and corruption.

The Christmas Store

Once we saw the hurt in eyes of struggling parents as they watched others provide for their children, we knew we had to find a better way. This is the reason why we began our Christmas Store – Hope For Parents program.  It replaced our Adopt-a-Family program that had suburban families delivering presents to the […]

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Midtown Food Co-op

Midtown Neighborhood Network: As a viable alternative to our food pantry ministries, Clean Socks Hope is offering collaborative guaranteed food delivery program from Dare To Care Food Bank and the Midtown Food Cooperative—members of our cooperative avoid the slippery slope that often begins with food insecurity. They shop from the same cooperative every other week […]

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Skin in the Game

We’ve been offering our Christmas Store (3 years) and our Food Cooperative (2 years) to the Midtown community with one caveat. The families must have skin in the game equal to the benefits they receive. There is an idea that if we rethink our decades old systems that has been proven not to work that […]

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Coming September 2015 CD5K

Midtown Street Fair and Music Festival Color Dash 5K at Cardinal Ritter Park

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Why Can’t We Just Build A Well?

“Sometimes I wish we could just do something like build a well”, shared my friend the other day. He was expressing a bit of frustration at the fact that the solutions to our problems in Midtown, New Albany aren’t simple. I find myself sharing the same feelings from time to time. If only for the […]


Clean Socks Hope Midtown Ministry Benefits for 2014

Our example from Midtown of having skin in the Game! At times we take some heat about what we do in Midtown, so I always like to post our ministry updates when I can, so enjoy: The 2014 Christmas Store Service Update: That’s over 700 toys, clothes and jewelry and the gift of hope, pride […]


A Year in Review 2014

At the beginning of each year I sit and reflect on the incredible grace that God has provided for us over the last 12 months. This past week I’ve spent most of it trying to find shelter for one of our families in Midtown to no avail. It’s tough and at times heartbreaking and it […]

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Living in Midtown

The stronger the wind blows, the deeper the roots grow...

Author Unknown

Impact in the Community

"Clean Socks Hope has joined Midtown Commons, the outreach ministry of Northside Christian Church and have come to understand that Jon Abercrombie’s quote, “At the heart of volunteering is the rightful belief that helping others is a good thing. But sometimes, helping others makes their lives worse even while the helper is basking in the warmth of a job seemingly well done,” had become truth in most of our specific programming options."
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“As Christians, we should be the best collaborators in the world. We should be quick to find unlikely allies and subversive friends, just like Jesus did.” ~Shane Claiborne
Address: 1423 E Oak Street | New Albany, Indiana | 47150-3041
Phone: 812.542.4081

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Midtown Spirit

Midtown Spirit Cultural Center

Our new facility will include a classroom and greenhouse that Midtown residents can use to extend their food budgets by growing their own food. While this concept is not new, this will be the first garden co-op in the area for and run by working poor families and their children.

It will instill community stewardship of local green space and raise ecological awareness through education, outreach, training and demonstration projects.

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Midtown Commons

1423 E Oak Street New Albany, IN 47150
(812) 542-4081

Cafe': 8am - 11am Mon -Thurs

Co-op: Every other Fri - 10am
Sat: 6pm - 7:30pm

Closed Sunday and holidays.
Afternoons and evenings available by appointment.

Midtown Cafe is a place for friends and neighbors to grab a coffee and begin meaningful conversations which lead to life-change.